Fed. Russian Insiders® Telegram channel

Fed. Russian Insiders® Telegram channel

Crypto trending signals alerts and pumps 100% accurate information

“Loyalty isn’t grey. It’s black or white. You’re either completely loyal or not loyal at all”

Market analysts, traders, and investors

FRI® VIP: https://forms.gle/72345XXkdhJVuvHYA
Questions? @DmitriFRI

Subscribers:- 23,258 subscribers

Link to channel:- https://t.me/FedRussianInsiders


Fed. Russian Insiders®, [30.06.21 07:47] [ Photo ] So what’s this? Over $7,000 in profit in less than 24 hours from one of our VIP’s…?

Congratulations Brothers!!!

Fed. Russian Insiders®, [30.06.21 11:17] [ Photo ] As always there’s a time for everything… and this VIP coin which we made a killing on shorting it, it now ready to once again explode?

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