Wallstreet Queen Official Telegram channel

Wallstreet Queen Official Telegram channel

I am not only a pretty face, I will show step by step how to beat this market because I already did. At what price? Not a single penny, because I profit from the markets, not from my followers.

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Wallstreet Queen Official®, [25.06.21 21:26] [ Photo ] Quick BTC Update:

In our previous update we told that btc formed a Head and shoulder pattern and if that break it may be go upside but it rejected from 35k and a unexpected down fall is comes. So for now it may be retest the support zone which is 31k-28k and go up from here or if it break this support zone then it may be go more down for it’s next support zone which is at 24k-22k. Now the scenario is it may be go upside after retest the support zone or break that and go more down. So just stay away from Market and not open any single new trade bcz the market is fully unstable. Wait for some confirmation about btc move and good opportunity. Now just watch the Market how it’s going?

Wallstreet Queen Official®, [25.06.21 21:32] [ Photo ] The Stablecoin Supply Ratio (SSR) Oscillator bottomed and has been trending up in recent weeks, indicating that capital has been flowing back from stablecoins into #Bitcoin.

Wallstreet Queen Official®, [25.06.21 21:59] [ Photo ] The largest infrastructure displacement in modern history is taking place—roughly 40% of the #Bitcoin mining industry is relocating to a different continent.

The next bitcoin difficulty adjustment will happen around July 1, and will likely be the largest downward adjustment in bitcoin’s history, around -19%.

The previous largest downward adjustment was -18.03% in 2011.

Wallstreet Queen Official®, [26.06.21 08:01] [ Photo ] Another good news for BTC??

Africa is taking another step towards crypto adoption. A Nigerian school will be accepting school fees in cryptocurrency, despite regulatory concerns.

Wallstreet Queen Official®, [26.06.21 10:20] [ Photo ] ?

Wallstreet Queen Official®, [26.06.21 11:18] [ Photo ] Quick BTC Update:

#BTC again break the support zone and trade near 30.5k. lets see now if it’s break 29k-28k then it go towards it’s next support zone which is 24k-22k or other side it may be bounce back from here like previous time. So just wait and see it’s break 28k or not or bounce back from here!

Wallstreet Queen Official®, [26.06.21 22:01] Analyst believe Bitcoin could complete Wyckoff cycle if the price maintains support above $30k.

Is Bitcoin Heading for Wyckoff Cycle? These Metrics Suggest so

Wallstreet Queen Official®, [27.06.21 09:34] [ Photo ] #AST/BTC

#AST Moving in s down trend channel and it is a very good potential coin. It will fly very soon. There is a support near 250sats or it may be retest the lower side of the channel and then go up. So buy partially From here and hold it.

Buy between : 290 – 250(Now at 287)

Target : 335 – 384 – 487 – 552+ sats

Wallstreet Queen Official®, [27.06.21 09:59] [ Photo ] Quick BTC Update :

#BTC Now trade near 32.8k and it is taking support from 30k again and bounce back from there as we predict. It’s forming like a Double top pattern or W pattern that show that it may be complete this pattern and go towards 35k-36k. Or other scenario is it may be go down from here but very possibility is it may be complete it’s pattern. So for now just wait and watch the market.

Wallstreet Queen Official®, [27.06.21 12:59] [ Photo ] In the last 30 days, long-term holders have added 579,940 BTC to their holdings while short-term have reduced their holdings by 521,983 BTC

Wallstreet Queen Official®, [27.06.21 19:36] [ Photo ] Order books are full of information??

Wallstreet Queen Official®, [27.06.21 20:35] [ Photo ] Again good news??

Wallstreet Queen Official®, [28.06.21 01:37] [ Photo ] Always go for Deep not for peak. In Market many people buy when btc Price increases but no one can tries to buy at lows . Always wait for good dip entry and enjoy the profit.

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