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Crypto Investment, [25.06.21 22:26] [ Photo ] ? Internet Computer is the most stable coin 🙂

The tale ended before it even began. When the ICP token was added to the largest exchanges, its price soared by 130%, which allowed the token to get into the top 5 cryptocurrencies. Many shouted that this is a mega revolutionary coin and should be taken while it is cheap …

Despite a drop of 95%, the token is still in the top 24 with daily volumes of $ 220 million and a capitalization of $ 4.5 billion.

In terms of technical analysis, the ICP has shown a strong bearish trend since the beginning of the listing. The impulses are mostly bearish, the subsequent highs are lower than the previous ones. It’s funny that the RSI indicator is not even in the oversold zone ?

Most likely, we will fly even lower to $ 10- $ 20, because there is no reason for growth, and the cue ball is weak.

Crypto Investment, [29.06.21 13:05] [ Photo ] ? Kusama is growing again

KSM is up 25% on the back of the launch of the third slot of the auction and a small positive from Bitcoin. After the launch of the first auction, the price of KSM rose by 85% even in the bear market. Can history repeat itself?

From bullish signals, we have a rebound from a strong supply zone and bullish impulses. Also an approach to a downtrend line with a potential breakout. And the “cup and handle” pattern, which is bullish, but is just being formed.

In confirmation of the fall – the weakness of BTC and a possible rollback to $ 30k, which will lead to the fall of the alts. Plus, the trend line can act as resistance. Therefore, the key focus is on trend line development.

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