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DeFi Arabic Cash prematurely closed the Private Sale stage due to the great excitement and announced the start of the Extra Round, which will raise the price of ABIC from $0.18 to $1 ?

Arabic Cash is the first fully independent DeFi project that aims to attract new investment in the digital business of the Arab world.

After the full launch of the ABIC token (BSC BEP20), staking of 35.6% per annum will be available, as well as trading to 6 crypto pairs on the main website + trading on Pancake Swap. The next step will be to create their own DEX exchange. Next – will implement the DeFi loan system ?

On June 25, the project closed the Private Sale ahead of schedule and announced the start of the Extra Round, where the price of the ABIC token will rise sharply. In the second half of July, Arabic Cash will be listed on the first exchange with a price tag of $1. Now the ABIC token can be officially purchased at a price of $0.18 ?




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