Dogecoin telegram channel

Dogecoin telegram channel

This telegram channel is for Dogecoin, it has over 8k subscribers

❗️DOGE | Ratio: 0.00000597 ? | Price: $0.189 ?

❗️PLEASE BE AWARE OF SCAMMERS who private message people about investment platforms, insider groups, airdrops, cloud or mobile mining, pump & dump groups, needing a loan or help to withdraw funds even if they look like an admin or someone you know or someone well known, no matter how genuine they appear.

❗️No genuine Admin will ever private message you asking for help or exchange login details, email login details, wallet testing or for a fund transfer.

❗️Treat all private messages as suspicious

❗️People new to Crypto should read @CryptoTips

Subscribers:-8 248 members, 

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