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Hello, let me introduce a little about the Private Cartel:
I have not been trading cryptocurrency for 10 years, as many writers in Telegram and Tradingview, I have been trading crypto for 4 years, and during this time I have earned enough experience and confidence to make trading the main income for my life.

Private Cartel is not a typical VIP, not a stupid «buy/sell dumb signals».
First of all, these are people who won’t gain Financial Independence: having different sources of income.
Private Cartel for people who won’t make trading profit consistent and who want to release the pressure after the loss of money and begin to make stable profits despite the seasonality or crisis.

What does the Private Cartel include?

I’ll give my personal trades, and market reviews, everything that I trade by myself, with the argumentation of the entry.
Risk management exercises and most important – psychological assistance.
Information from Palm-beach, Simetri, Stansberrychurchouse, Caseyresearch, and others

Write to PM to get details: @Fesions


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