Dubai Pump Group (Crypto) Telegram channel

Dubai Pump Group (Crypto) Telegram channel

We are Three of the Richest and biggest Whales in Dubai.
Our Pumps are Not a financial advice | |

| Enjoy Profits!

Subscribers:- 72,190 subs

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In 1,5 hours it will be time. The next big #DubaiPump is coming soon.

– There will be many traders buying in large quantities, so make sure you buy early before the outsiders buy-in.

– We are pumping a BTC paring today. So please make sure you have enough BTC in your account on (COIN NAME/BTC) NOT

– Our whales will buy during the pump and support, so you will have the opportunity to make a profit more often during the pump.

– Be ready, we will start on time!


Dubai Team Pump Announcement!?

Hello everyone, our next pump will be scheduled for:

Date : Sunday June 6
Time : 17:00 pm GMT
Exchange :
Advantage : Free-For-All


Dear Members,
It’s finally time again. We have been working for a long time on a new and even more profitable strategy, taking into calculation the power and volume of our first PUMP.

We are sure that this pump will now set new standards. The Volume will increase 2/3X and we expect a result of + 500%.

Make sure that you also profit of it! We give you in the course of the next few days still precise instructions on how to make the most profits.

Stay tuned! ?

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