Mega Pump Group Telegram channel

Mega Pump Group Telegram channel

Cryptocurrency’s #1 and biggest signal group!

All of our signals are free! We will never ask for money in exchange for any premium services. #DYOR. None of our signals are financial advice. Trade our signals at your own risk as there is always a risk!

Subscribers:- 95 776 subscribers

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Pump result: Total volume was over 400 BTC which is around 14 million $ which is still good for the current market. Before the signal, the market had sold a big amount of WABI which affected the expected results by probably around 40-50%, however in exchange it did give a better buying opportunity for our members. The pump had a good and slow rise to the peak allowing our members to make a good amount of profit. We also had multiple waves, which allowed many dip opportunities to be bought and sold back at a higher price. Despite the current bad market, we are currently trying to match our big expectations as we have been able to reach on average 200-450% results in the past while the market was still good with volumes reaching up 80 million $. We are aware that those are the big results that everyone wants and would like to let our members know that our team is working hard to provide those results. We have a strong team of whales, big community leaders, and the biggest traders in the cryptocurrency ecosystem with us. You can be sure that we will be able to provide those big results again once the market has returned to normal. Before announcing our pump, we will make sure that we will be able to reach at least 300-500% in our next pump and for that, we will need the market to be a little more bullish again. Once we see that the market is good and ready for a pump, we will make our big announcement. On that note, we received a lot of messages of appreciation for this pump and we are glad many members managed to make a profit. Stay tuned for our next announcement!


Mega Pump Group, [20.06.21 13:54] 6 hours and 5 minutes left until the biggest pump signal of all time!

– Our target will be 500%+ profit on Binance! We will be using the Binance exchange to pump.
– We will be using the BTC pairing to pump, make sure you have BTC in your account to buy the coin.
– Hundreds of thousands of traders will be buying at once, make sure you buy early before outsiders do.
– If you plan to use your whole balance, you can buy using 75% of your balance initially at market price, use the remaining of your balance to place buy orders!
– When you buy the coin and it’s time to sell, never sell on the buy supports! Instead, sell slowly in parts as the price goes up.
– Our pump will have many waves as our whales will actively be buying with our members to support the price, there will be a lot of possibilities to make profits many times during the pump!
– After buying, we highly suggest placing buy orders below the market price as the price moves up.
– Millions of traders worldwide will be watching and buying, we have put into place a few measures to spread the word out after our signal all over social media, we will attempt to make our pump last as long as possible.


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