Crypto VIP Signal™ Telegram channel

Crypto VIP Signal™ Telegram channel

This channel offers to provide the most profitable TA/Ideas by expert technicalists in our team.
Do Your Own Research & always
Trade or invest at your own risk.


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[In reply to Crypto VIP Signal™] Also, BADGER 3rd target achieved in USDT pair. A total of around 33% massive profit from our buy zone. Pin our channel on top to never miss a signal and share it with your friends and family. We will continue to share informative articles and the best TA+FA signals in our channel. Keep Learning, Keep Earning?

Crypto VIP Signal™, [16.04.21 06:08] [In reply to Crypto VIP Signal™] [ Photo ] DOGE all targets achieved. DOGE retested the support line and pumped hard from there. This is power of good TA + FA signal. A total of more than 425% profit from our entry so far. You can book profit in DOGE. We will share new entries soon, DOGE pump is sign of altseason. Keep Earning?

Crypto VIP Signal™, [16.04.21 08:05] Don’t panic

BTC is now testing the previous high support zone and if unable to hold above $61,800 area we see a retest of the $60,000 support zone. BTC is bullish as long as it is trading above $60,000. Futures funding rates are too high and this dump will cool it down. Shaking weak hands before big move. Just hold your BTC bags.

Crypto VIP Signal™, [16.04.21 14:44] [In reply to Crypto VIP Signal™] BTC unable to hold above the $61,800 area and now testing the $60,000 support zone. BTC should bounce from here. We are still bullish on BTC. Alts market will recover as soon as BTC stabilize in a range.

Crypto VIP Signal™, [16.04.21 17:08] [ Poll : Will Bitcoin touch $100,000 in Q2 2021? ] – Yes, easy target
– No, $100,000 is too high for BTC

Crypto VIP Signal™, [16.04.21 19:42] [ Photo ] RLC moving inside uptrend channel and now testing bottom support level we can expect strong bounce from here. Now is the best time to build your position in RLC.

Buy zone : 4000-4270

Target : 4700-5200-5800-6400-7200

Crypto VIP Signal™, [16.04.21 19:45] [ Photo ] RLC/USDT is very bullish. Forming falling wedge pattern on 4H timeframe and looking ready for breakout?

Crypto VIP Signal™, [16.04.21 21:30] [In reply to Crypto VIP Signal™] RLC kissed 1st target ?

Crypto VIP Signal™, [16.04.21 23:25] [In reply to Crypto VIP Signal™] CHZ Going as planned. CHZ made a high of $0.84 today, so far more than 91% profit from our entry. We told you CHZ has a lot of upcoming News in April and we can expect Big rally in April and see how it’s pumped. We always share a signals with the deep analysis and TA. If you love our work just share it in your circle, that encourage us to do our work. Keep learning, Keep earning ?

Crypto VIP Signal™, [17.04.21 06:34] [In reply to Crypto VIP Signal™] RLC made a high of $3.04 , quick 17% profit from our buy zone. Increase your stop loss and hold RLC for maximum profit. Keep Earning?

Crypto VIP Signal™, [17.04.21 09:58] [In reply to Crypto VIP Signal™] BTC bounced exactly from $60,000. BTC is now trading above $62,000 which is bullish sign. We expecting a good rally in BTC in coming weeks. Keep holding your BTC bags. Keep Earning?

Crypto VIP Signal™, [17.04.21 12:43] [ Poll : What’s your view on Bitcoin? ] – Bullish, BTC will pump
– Bearish, Needs a correction

Crypto VIP Signal™, [17.04.21 16:25] [ File : Basic of trading.pdf ] Trading lessons for new members ‼️

▪️Selection of Stocks/Coins.
▪️Marking Resistance and Support levels.
▪️Orderbooks, and Hidden Orderbooks.
▪️Trading Patterns, and much more!

I will continue to share trading related knowledge free of cost.
I will be releasing more such articles over-time to help you learn to trade. Feel free to contact me in case you’d need any help.

Crypto VIP Signal™, [17.04.21 17:21] [ Photo ] AKRO/USDT Standing with a good trendline Support in 4h timeframe and currently broken a resistance support level and retesting it. With confluence a downtrend line breakout.

Buy zone: $0.07 below

Target: $0.0755 – $0.0827 – $0.0875 – $0.092 – $0.101

Stop loss: $0.0628

Crypto VIP Signal™, [17.04.21 20:20] [In reply to Crypto VIP Signal™] Don’t miss out one of the biggest giveaway. Join the bot and get your referral link. Share it with your friends and family or on your social media networks. You can track the top refferal chart and see where you stand. The first price is $3000 and every member rank between 11-50 will get $50. Don’t miss this one you still have a lot of time. Keep earning?

Crypto VIP Signal™, [18.04.21 06:45] People are too bullish on BTC and other alts. The dump is needed to shake weak hands and hunt stop loss. The dump liquidated most of the over leveraged longs. This is good time to buy BTC ETH and other big caps cheap. Don’t panic

Crypto VIP Signal™, [18.04.21 09:12] [In reply to Crypto VIP Signal™] Less than 7 hours left for the Live Voice AMA with Amrit Kumar, President of Zilliqa ($ZIL) ! ?

Crypto VIP Signal™, [18.04.21 15:55] [In reply to Crypto VIP Signal™] Press this link to join us live

Crypto VIP Signal™, [18.04.21 18:42] [ File : Full Guide on Support and Resistance.pdf ] TA. Always Talks ?
Every Trader Should Learn it….

Always remember trading is not a one-day game, it requires time and patience to master. If you are in doubt try your setup on demo accounts or use very small funds for trading for learning purpose.

We will continue to bring such educational stuff for you, share it with your friends and family and earn together. Pin our channel to top to get the updates first. Stay tuned. Keep learning, Keep Earning ?

Crypto VIP Signal™, [19.04.21 09:33] [ Photo ] Bitcoin is taking support at the daily 50 MA (Moving Average), the yellow line and needs to close above it to remain bullish. Bitcoin never closes a daily candle below daily 50 MA after the rally starts from $11,000. If BTC daily candle closes below the 50 MA then that is bearish and it will be going to test the 100 MA (Orange line).

This week is very crucial for BTC and we see volatility in the market. If BTC is able to reclaim the $60,000 resistance area then the sentiments again turn bullish. Also there is a lot of buyers waiting in the $50,000-$53,000 area and it was clearly seen on the chart. See the long wick that means buyers are ready to buy at these levels. Use stop loss in every trade.

Crypto VIP Signal™, [19.04.21 11:15] We are very close to reaching another milestone. We are one of the biggest crypto channel on telegram and to celebrate the 200,000 members milestone we giving away another $2000.

2 random winners will get $1000 reward. We are thankful to everyone who is with us in the journey.

Steps to participate in the giveaway:?

Crypto VIP Signal™, [19.04.21 13:14] [ Photo ] PROS/ETH is now trading near the listing price and accumulation is going on for next rally. PROS will give a good rally once it breaks the 1500 resistance zone and hold above it. A dump to hunt stop loss and create panic is also happened. This is a good time to build your position in pros before the rocket starts.

Buy Zone: 1100-1140

Target: 1249-1350-1445-1549-1630 -1765-1845-1995

Crypto VIP Signal™, [19.04.21 13:22] [ Photo ] PERL is a Binance launchpad coin and now at the support zone. PERL is now testing the 50 MA support and also at the horizontal support zone. PERL has a very low market cap as compared to other launchpad coins and we see a good rally in PERL soon. The Perlin team is working hard on the developments and partnerships of the project and the good news is coming in next weeks.

Buy Zone: 270-276

Target: 305-338-372-397-448-485-538-592-645-690

Crypto VIP Signal™, [19.04.21 14:20] [ Photo ] Litecoin is bouncing from the demand zone and now trading at the local support zone. This is a good opportunity to add some LTC for the mid-term. LTC has not pumped much like other big caps and a rally is pending.

Buy Zone: $260 – $265 (add more in dips)

Target: $288 – $317 – $344 – $382 – $424 – $478 – $514 – $565 – $620 (will touch $1000 in long term)

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