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ULTI ARENA – NFT Marketplace for Game Assets with Proof-of-Gaming

? Over 1200 BNB’s raised in Private Sales, closing soon! ?

▪️ Ulti Arena is set to revolutionize game development with the innovative NFT Marketplace for Game Assets, Sounds, Music & User Interfaces.

▪️ Proof-of-Gaming is a new concept to mine coins: the more gamers play, the more they can earn ULTI Coins. Tokenomics is deflationary with Reflection: 6% tax on every transaction, with 2% back to all holders, 2% burn, and 2% Auto-LP.

▪️ There will be PreSales preceding the IDO launch on PancakeSwap. ?

? Private Sale is now LIVE (hurry because it will end in less than 24 hours!)! Enjoy 30% Bonus Tokens and 10x cheaper price than Public Sale! ?

? More information on the website (

? Whitepaper:

? Telegram:

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