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Predator Token ($PRED) – The Pack telegram channel

Predator has ultimate tokenomics and focuses on becoming the leading crypto for (extreme) sports. Predator is not your regular crypto project. Check out and join the hunt ?

Predator introduces superior BSC tokenomics, focuses on extreme sports, and will become the industry’s cryptocurrency leader. Predator is not just a crypto, it’s a brand. Join the hunt NOW.

The Predator Token will launch in early August 2021 on Pancakeswap. The predator knows that he can not hide. He has to find prey and become stronger if there is to be a future for anyone. Predator evolves after surpassing the market cap of several other crypto projects. The predator takes on another identity at every milestone. He can and will not be stopped until he takes his ultimate shape at a 1B market cap. The skilled and dedicated Predator team is fully committed and determined to make the Predator grow and prosper.

Predator can – in time – be a top 50 crypto project. Predator’s tokenomics are a combination of the winning aspects of well-performing crypto projects. We added our own little flavors here and there and built the ultimate BSC contract. Superior tokenomics for Predator will help him hunt down his prey. Automatic BUSD rewards, buybacks, a burn with every transaction, and so much more. Check out our tokenomics section!

Predator is a brand. We are aggressive. In the way we want to conquer the extreme sports industry, as well as in our marketing approach. Predator will launch its own gym-wear and fitness clothing collections, introduce crypto pay-TV, and set up an NFT ticketing system for sports events. Check out our roadmap for a full outline of our mission and goals.

The hunt is on.

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