Bitcoin Bullets Telegram channel

Bitcoin Bullets Telegram channel

Crypto trending signals alerts and pumps 100% accurate information

We are one of the oldest in this space, a group of Traders and Analysts headquartered in Kiev, Russia.

Insiders VIP:

Subscribers:- 26,990 subs

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?Bitcoin Bullets® VIP?
It’s not for anything that we have the best trading team in the market. We have chosen the best traders, analysts, software engineers and chartists out of hundreds of options. However, our most important member by far, is an Italian veteran and professional trading genius, who you may just know as The Sicilian.

With a 94%+ accuracy and an average of 2 winning trades per day, it’s no wonder The Sicilian has become such a hit, to the point we were forced to close VIP registrations for some time.

We’re now accepting 20 new VIP Insiders, who will trade beside The Sicilian and have him on their side 24/7. We’re accepting 20 traders who will go from average to outright demigod trading machines?

✅Margin/Futures Trading Signals
✅Alt trade signals (short, mid and long term)
✅Specific Coin Forecasts
✅Proper Trade Monitoring
✅Risk Management and Strategy Guides
✅Insider Information
✅Exclusive Content
✅24/7 support with our team

and the most important of all… you will learn how trading is not a gambling game and it’s a profitable long term business based on probabilities.
1 Month: 0̶.̶0̶2 ̶B̶T̶C̶ ?Now 0.008 BTC?
3 Months: 0̶.̶0̶3 ̶B̶T̶C̶ ?Now 0.01 BTC?
Lifetime: 0̶.̶0̶6 ̶B̶T̶C̶ ?Now 0.025 BTC?

To make yourself an Insider VIP, fill in our VIP Insiders Registration Form and send a screenshot of your confirmation to @joe1322

See you inside?

PNL Report: May, 2021

We’re proud to announce that even in a bearish market, The Sicilian and the rest of our team have managed to absolutely destroy this market. To beat what for many remains unbeatable, and to profit from understanding the inner workings of human emotions and sentiment.

We’re proud to announce that we remain the #1, and we’re not going anywhere?

Total Trades: 42
Profitable Trades: 40
Losses: 2

Accuracy: 95.24%
Total Profit (No Leverage): 1,232%✅
Total Profit (With Leverage): 5,793%✅


3 Months: 0̶.̶0̶3 ̶B̶T̶C̶ ?Now 0.01 BTC?
Lifetime: 0̶.̶0̶6 ̶B̶T̶C̶ ?Now 0.025 BTC?
See pinned post for more details. Few spots left?
Bitcoin Bullets® Trading



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