Crypto World Tina Telegram channel

Crypto World Tina Telegram channel

We are a team that consists of sophisticated and experienced traders that deliver daily crypto signals with low risk and good profit. #crypto #trading #bitcoin #Payout #binance #CoinPump #CryptoTrading

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May 19th’s trade count was magnitudes higher on Coinbase than on any other exchange.

Coinbase processed 1.7 million trades for their highest volume pair, nearly double the number of trades on the next highest day.

The Latest Breaking News ?

#1 Coinbase expands prime brokerage services to institutional users

(—-c114225aeaf7—4)#2 Indonesia plans to issue a central bank digital currency

( Mark Cuban invests in Ethereum Layer 2 Polygon

( A CBDC rollout would require Congress to give the Fed more authority

( Crypto VC 1confirmation raises $125m for third fund — link (


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