WatchDog Robot

WatchDog Robot telegram bot

Telegram Bot to remove messages of blacklisted types: sticker, file attachment, photo, video, and others. Also, it can ban other bots.


Follow these steps:

  • Add @watchdog_robot as admin into your chatroom
  • Give bot permission to delete messages and to ban users. No other permissions are required
  • Configure content to be removed with the command /watchdog block <filter-name>. See Filters section for available filters. Note that by default all filters are disabled i.e. watchdog does nothing. You can specify multiple filters at once, just delimit them with a comma.

(!!!) For idiots: do not write to chat exactly the /watchdog block <filter-name>. Instead of <filter-name> use one of the names listed in Filters section. Example of command: /watchdog block sticker. Example of multiple filters at once: /watchdog block photo,video.

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