Minter Network telegram channel

Minter Network telegram channel

Minter is a digital assets marketplace allowing anyone to buy, sell, send, and spend BTC, ETH, BIP, USDC, gold, oil, stocks, and much more.

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Subscribers:-  33,798 subs

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??‍? We conduct a social experiment to raise funds for a project related to forests, landscaping, and in attracting people to environmental problems.

? The bottom line: This project is planned to be launched on the Minter blockchain, this network is chosen because it works on the DPoS algorithm, there you can easily create your own custom coin, fast transaction speed and the network has a large enough community. The essence of the project is to attract people to planting trees, landscaping their yards, streets, cities, as well as to try to draw people’s attention to the problem of destruction and deforestation in their regions (forests are destroyed all over the planet). According to the plans, the project will be launched by the beginning of spring, then you can start planting trees. If the project is not launched, all funds raised will be transferred ⬇️

? 1. Enthusiasts who also plant trees, their groups are in the social networks, they run Youtube channels.

? 2. There will be a PR campaign of the cat shelter of my city, which has more than 230 cats. The goal is to have as many cats found new owners and homes.

❗️All reports will be posted with proof on the channel @woodscats

? To accept donations:

BTC: 1P6tY3ePUtx3ZPpLRFdyRcsRcbgP5uHez3
LTC: MGSpccrpwCjbtpdkLADuD7V3uPMNNMRB94
ETH: 0x598dac975b44daca737273794699cb7c3f7c2b1d

VISA: 4790 8723 2345 5954

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