Airdrop telegram channel

Airdrop telegram channel

We will do our best to share the legitimate airdrop campaigns timely.

Furthermore, please note that the @Airdrop team will do their best to resolve the general problems of the airdrops.


Subscribers:- 517 670 subscribers

Link to channel:-

? Task: ➕ 100M PCOM ($3)

?‍?‍? Referral: ➕ 20M PCOM ($0.60 max. 5 referrals)

? Airdrop bot for Push Community ( ?

? Join Push Community Telegram group ( & Telegram channel.
( Follow Push Community on Twitter ( and retweet the pinned post using the hashtags ” #airdrop #PCOM #IDO “.
? Follow Push Community on Facebook ( and share the pinned post using the hashtags: ” #airdrop #PCOM #IDO “.
? Enter your information to the airdrop bot.

? All airdrop steps should be completed.

? Notes: Airdrop will end on June 30, 2021.

⏳ Distribution date: Airdrop rewards will be distributed on July 15, 2021.


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