Airdrop Detective Telegram channel

Airdrop Detective Telegram channel

??‍♂️‍ We, “Airdrop Detective Team,” are experts in crypto, especially in airdrop & bounty.

? Our Airdrops are:

✅ Verified
✅ New
✅ Valuable

?Contact: @AirdropManager



Subscribers:- 583 750 subscribers

Link to channel:- Airdrop Detective

❌ Student Coin (STC) Scam Announcement

?️‍♂️ Dear Airdrop Detective Followers,

✍️ To date, we did not share any announcements in our channel except the airdrops. However, we are tired of some projects refusing to pay people’s rewards after they gain several benefits from airdrops and bounties; they just refuse to pay the airdrop and bounty followers, which the participants deserve.

Therefore, we announce Student Coin Project as an obvious scam with tens of proofs on our community group.

( Student Coin team has not been responsive to our requests regarding paying additional bounty rewards. They still continue the project and they are using people’s money for their own benefits.

Before launching the bounty, they promised that the rewards would be distributed two weeks after the bounty comes to an end. However, they only distributed less than 1/3 of the total allocation yesterday after our persuasion. Our team reached out to them today on the need to pay additional rewards, but they have bluntly refused.

We’re here to support the fair players in the space. Dishonest actors should not be encouraged to affect that with their influence and make the sector unfair for everyone.

? To conclude up, we recommend reporting their

Telegram group ( and channel






Instagram (, as a scam.

Furthermore, please report them to Telegram Scam Team (

Also, please report them as a scam to CoinMarketCap by this link.


Best regards.

Airdrop Detective Team

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