Telegram Channels & Groups to Join in Kenya: Kilimani Mums, Team Mafisi

Adult Telegram Channels in Kenya

Below are the best telegram groups 18+ Kenya in 2021. Have a look at each one of them one at a time.

1. VITU KALI Telegram Channel

VITU KALI is arguably the best adult telegram channel in Kenya. It has everything you need to get yourself wanking. From Kenyan porn movies to wet pussy photos – Vitu Kali will make you horny in seconds! Here’s is the link: VITU KALI

2. Nairobi Hot Girls Telegram Channel

This is one of the most active 18 plus telegram groups in Kenya. Here’s the link to the channel: Nairobi Hot Girls

3. Kenya Raha Telegram Channel

This is one hell of a juicy telegram porn channel in Kenya with the best, unique content for adult pleasure. It also has connections for the newest Kenyan babes ready to be at your service. Here’s the link to the channel: Kenya Raha XXX

4. Forbidden Pleasures Telegram Channel

This is one of the best adult telegram channels in Kenya, especially for those who like xxx videos. Here’s the like link to the channel: Forbidden Pleasures

5. Kenya Hot Girls (Escorts Channel)

If you’re looking for the right escorts channel in Kenya, then the Kenya Hot Girls telegram channel would be ideal for you. Here’s their invite link: Kenya Hot Girls

6. Mafisi Channel Telegram Channel

Another of the best telegram channels in Kenya is the infamous Mafisi channel AKA Alphas, Betas, and Omegas. The name itself is synonymous with men who like hitting on many ladies. Here’s is the link to the channel: Mafisi Channel

7. Free HookUp Telegram Channel

This is an upcoming channel that offers free phone numbers to hookers all around Kenya for FREE! You can then pay the hooker of your liking and for the services you like. Below is the link to this channel for those who love such stuff: Free HookUp


KENYA RAHA ESCORTS AND HOT VID’S?? is another of the adult telegram channels in Kenya. Head there if you want to kula kwa macho. Here’s the link: ??KENYA RAHA ESCORTS AND HOT VID’S??

9. Kilimani Mums & Dads Exposed Telegram Link

This one is among the most sought-after telegram channels in Kenya. They address adult stories ranging from sex styles to doctor’s advice on sex life, exposes, and various other mature discussions. If you wish to check it out then here is the link: Kilimani Mums & Dads Exposed

10. Kilimani Mums Telegram Channel

No one doesn’t know about the controversial Kilimani mums not only on Facebook but also on telegram. To get their link we advise you to check their Facebook page.

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